Poppy Seed White Balsamic Dressing

Combine all ingredients except for the oil in a food processor or blender. Start the food processor and mix well. While the motor is running slow and steadily add the oil blend. Once all the oil is added adjust the taste with salt and pepper. The dressing should be emulsified (not separated). Goes great on a salad with kale, prosciutto, dried cranberries, and shaved Parmesan.
(Yields 1 Cup)
2 Tbsp. Plain greek yogurt
¼ White Balsamic Vinegar
Tsp Poppy Seeds
Tbsp. Honey
½ Tsp. Salt
¼ Tsp. Ground Thyme
Pinch Nutmeg
2/3 Cup Oil blend of light olive oil, canola, and grape seed oil. (Could use just canola or grape seed oil)